Waiting for a bus, not having to check the time is a luxury only a few experience.

It’s been a while since I last wrote something. The past few months have been busy with a new job. Now that I was also working some weekends, I no longer had as much time as I used to before. I was spending the few hours I had on the weekend preparing my meals for the week (so that I wouldn’t waste time cooking during the week) and I hated it — both the process and the food — you see I wasn’t very good at it despite my constant effort through the pandemic. Since I was now earning a…

It’s been a while (3 months to be precise) since I’ve published the last BIP for RolodexAI. As you might have figured by now, I’m haven’t been spending too much time on the project and while I decided a few weeks ago, today I’m formally shelving the project. I’m still confident that a product like RolodexAI needs to exist and the problem of keeping in touch with people is an important one to solve. I will continue on this mission by following a different route, one which doesn’t need me to build a product. …

I started Reuben’s Podcast back in October 2020 as an excuse to reconnect with my friends in the middle of the pandemic. I was tired of doing so many Zoom calls and when I missed some, I wished I could just listen to what had happened. Maybe it was FOMO or maybe the lockdown was taking its toll — either way, I decided I would have conversations, record them, and put it out as a podcast. You can read more about my reasons for starting here. …

I was chatting with someone the other day about the challenges startups face as they scale rapidly. As we went back and forth, I realized that a lot of challenges were quite obvious but when you’re in the thick of things and you’re surrounded by fires, these things seem trivial and thus don’t get the needed attention. However, from my experience, these are highly underrated and while they are not a magic bullet (nothing is) to solve problems overnight, they create the foundation so that you can deal with bigger challenges. Let me be clear — at a startup, the…

Everyone is doing online events. Most of us have been invited to countless webinars, virtual happy hours, reunions, birthdays, standups, catch-ups (the list goes on). And based on my experience so far, people will cringe at the sound of another virtual event. Given that we’re still quite far from “normalcy” to return (IMO we’re not going back to large-scale in-person events with the same frequency as before 2020), what’s the new standard for hosting virtual events in 2021? (the answer is not Zoom)

I’m not an event expert, but I’ve been part of some fantastic online events and very recently…

The (virtual) room we used for our reunion, powered by SpatialChat

Progress from 13th — 20th Feb

TLDR: We organized our first community event with 13 people attending!

📈 Numbers

  1. We have 64 users who have signed up on the app
  2. We have 1 active community
  3. Since it was a group event, we can’t figure out the exact number, but we would have made around 80 connections

🏆 Wins

  1. This week we decided to shift gears a bit and organize a community event, and that went really well! We had 13 people attend (20 people signed up) and they spent over an hour reconnecting with others in the community. …

On the 20th of February, we’re organizing a virtual reunion to bring together members of the St. Stephen’s community, in specific, those who studied with me and graduated in 2013. You can sign up for it here

We’re doing this as a part of RolodexAI’s bigger mission to help people stay connected to those they don’t meet that often. You can find more details of the event here and I wanted to use this to deep dive into why we decided to do this and the series of events that led us to this.

Connecting people is really hard

Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve…

Over the last year, podcast listening has gone up significantly. More people have been launching podcasts and more people are now listening to podcasts. This trend can be attributed to a bunch of factors — spending more time at home, AirPods and smart speakers, screen fatigue, etc. I’ve heard a lot of people say “Oh my god, another podcast”, but if you actually compare the numbers — there are roughly 1.8M podcast against 31M YouTube channels. So there’s a long way for podcasts.

this week was the trough of sorrow …

Progress from 7th Jan — 12th Feb

TLDR: People signed up but didn’t show up 😩

📈 Numbers

  1. We have 62 users who have signed up on the app
  2. We have 2 active communities
  3. We made 2 connections last week

🏆 Wins

We didn’t have any major wins this week

🤔 Lessons learnt

  1. Signing up and using the product a little doesn’t mean that people really want it. Last week we noticed that out of the many connections we made, hardly any actually caught up. So this week we asked everyone who signed up to opt-in if they wanted to be matched. Out of 45 people, only…

Content X Orgnaizations X Decentralization

I recently started the Ondeck Podcasters Fellowship and came across this essay written by Erik Torenberg about building personal moats. It’s a fascinating article, especially for me who is a generalist and often thinks about how to go about building expertise in something. It’s super important to be really good at something, but when I look back at my life, it was really hard to identify what that was. Even when I was at Entrepreneur First, one thing you need to think about is your “edge” — what that one thing you know or are good at, which very few…

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