RolodexAI BIP #2: First sign ups

Reuben Noronha
2 min readJan 1, 2021
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Progress from 26th December 2020 — 1st Jan 2021.

TLDR: A slow week but we got some sign ups

📈 Numbers

  1. We have had 11 people sign up so far. I’m hoping to see this grow as people get back from holidays and learn more about RolodexAI via some of the content we’ve put out on Facebook/Linkedin

🏆 Wins

  1. Website optimised for mobile and added a blog section
  2. Put out one more piece of content explaining how RolodexAI will work today and also what we envision in the months to follow. You can read about this more in Under the hood of RolodexAI (today and tomorrow)

🤔 Lessons learnt

  1. People are keen to know who else in their network wants to keep in touch and focus on those people. This is exactly how dating app like Tinder work where in both people need to signal, without letting the other person know, that they are keen to meet the other and only then, a match is made. This is quite different from other social networks where a signal from one side shows up as an “friend request” to the other.

This is a series where I’m building in public. I publish a report card every week as I build RolodexAI. You can read more about why I’m doing it here



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